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CloudSpec™ — A new era for UV-VIS spectroscopy

At MaramaLabs, we have developed CloudSpec - the world's first UV-Vis spectrophotometer for simultaneously measuring absorption, extinction, and scattering spectra of clear and turbid liquids. CloudSpec is the only instrument of its kind that can quantitatively measure absorption, extinction and scattering spectra of liquids that are cloudy or clear, expanding the range of samples to which UV-Vis can be applied for spectroscopic analysis.

The new CloudSpec instrument


With CloudSpec, absorption spectra of samples can be obtained within seconds, irrespective of sample turbidity. No centrifugation and/or filtration is required for most samples, leaving the sample intact and reducing analysis time required to obtain spectra.

About us

The CloudSpec technology emerged from years of research in the world-renowned Raman Lab at Victoria University of Wellington. The MaramaLabs team are experts in fundamental optics and spectroscopic applications, with a particular understanding of the physics underlying the absorption and scattering of light by liquids.

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