CloudspecTM - A new era for UV-Vis spectroscopy

At MaramaLabs, we have developed the CloudSpec – the world’s first UV-Vis spectrophotometer that can simultaneously measure absorption, extinction, and scattering spectra of clear and turbid liquids.

CloudSpec Instrument


For the same effort, you get 3 spectra instead of one: extinction, absorption, and scattering.
No more error due to turbidity.

Main advantages of the CloudSpec:

  • Can measure clear and turbid samples
  • No need to worry about turbidity, no filtering, no centrifuging, the absorption spectrum is independent of scattering.
  • As simple to use as any UV/Vis spectrometer
  • Array detector means fast measurement time (typically 10 seconds)
  • Simple and intuitive software
Extinction, Absorption, and Scattering spectra of Yellow dye


Integrating sphere cut-out

The Cloudspec incorporates a unique mechanism to insert standard UV cuvettes inside a specially designed integrating sphere (a cavity with highly reflecting walls). Any light that is scattered by the sample remains inside the integrating cavity and has no effect on the overall transmission. A scattering-independent absorption spectrum can then be inferred using proprietary algorithms to correct for the modified path length inside the cuvette.

A novel design (patent-pending) allows us to simultaneously carry out a standard UV/Vis extinction measurement. The CloudSpec therefore works as a standard UV/Vis (giving extinction spectra) with the additional benefit of the absorption-only spectra.


Sample turbidity is an issue for spectroscopic analysis in a wide range of contexts, for example:

  • Extinction, Scattering and Absorbance of Nanoparticles
  • Water analysis, in particular wastewater
  • Measuring and quantifying non-soluble molecules
  • Protein quantification in cell cultures
  • Monitoring oxidation activity in live cells
  • Quantifying colour and phenolics in winemaking.
  • Bitterness (IBU) and colour of beer
  • Fat and vitamin content of milk

One area where the CloudSpec is already being extensively developed is in winemaking analysis, where sample turbidity is a common problem. To find out more, visit our dedicated wine pages here.

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